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Originally Posted by Full Court Press View Post

Lease on my 3 series is up in Q4 2019 so I'm researching my next options for daily driver. M340 AWD is of interest (M550 as well though secondary at this point to G20). This vehicle is primarily driven by me and we need a sedan given our family needs. Wife drives X5d M Sport.

Before I start reaching out to dealers in MD/VA area I wanted to get a sense of discounts + incentives offered so far. Ideally as percentage of MSRP. Over the last 20 years I've worked on custom orders with BMW Rockville, Passport BMW and BMW Sterling. The G20 will be well optioned alas without the performance tires.

Thanks in advance.

PS: other vehicles under consideration include S5 Hatchback Prestige, AMG C43 Sedan and, maybe, Stinger GT2.
Passport BMW in MD. Private message me if you need contacts there. I've sent a bunch of folks their way and they've all rave about the deals they've gotten as well as the experience.
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