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My experimental tests of using a PC case fan, to cool down the HK booster, is getting good results. I've been listening music for 5 days with no cuts.
Seems this HK Booster has some "congenital" overheating problem.
What do you mean by HK booster? As in the amplifier?
Exactly... If you remove the left carpet panel in the trunk, you will see two amplifiers (and no, its not the ASD, clearly the bottom amplifier receives 2 pairs of thick wires and no pair of thin wires, the upper amplifier receives all the speakers wires.
The problem is the bottom amplifier (or booster) it warm up very fast because bass needs more power and the result is a lot of heat. The space left to dissipate this heat is almost nothing, so the system shuts the amplifier off to protect from damage his components.
See the image of the amps. I leave in Brazil and the BMW here is like the European ones, maybe the USA models could change a little, but i think is the same.
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