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Can’t you use this forum as a point of reference to prove that there is an inherent problem with the system/s and not just yours??
I did just that today, you couldn't make up what actually happened.

Driving to work to collect some documents and the bass dropped out completely I thought I would chance my arm and drove to Sytner not too far away. Pulled up got out, the engineer drove it round the corner and by the time we went back to it the bass had kicked in again

This time however the "technical manager" was there, I explained the issues, along with others on this forum and they said to book it in again as it's more than likely an issue with the amp.

Booked in for next week, let's see the outcome then!
I was lucky to have the bass cutoff when I arrived at the dealer and advisor clearly noticed it. This time I started from home early morning and happened from the start (so no actual over heating).

I previously mentioned in this thread the fix I got. Service advisor identified as bass booster failure and replaced with a new one directly shipped from Germany (my car origin is mexico if that matters). No issues since and has been 2 months now.
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