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Not sure if this is the same issue, however I had something similar with the crackle and the sound dropping in and out. It drops out and sounds very 'tinny', the baseline completely goes, however it does come back if I leave my car for a while. This has happened only 3 times (hopefully no more!).

With regards to the crackle - this was an interesting one. I went back to the dealership twice, second time I tried a different dealership and explained the issue, certain it was hardware and nothing to do with my settings - where they actually listened! Luckily I found certain songs where the crackle would appear, it was always mid to tops for me. Anyway, after further investigation the technician had found that the holding clips on the steel brushed trim (where the ambient lighting is) had all failed/snapped. So when a tone on a song came on, it would vibrate causing this frustrating crackle like the speaker was at fault. Good news is, they changed the clips, I played the same songs and viola - sounds great again. Hope that's a little helpful (if it is that!!).
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