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My can recently went in for some works. Since getting in back I've noticed the system seems much fuller and more bassy.

It's like the volume and sound has been limited up till now.

Very strange....
Interesting - what work were you having done?
First it was a service. Then replacement suspension and steering rack. Then snapped drive belt and vibration damper and shortly it'll be going in for faulty oil service indication and failed rubber door seal.
Holy crap that's terrible. I had a car like that once (a Japanese manufacturer, not a BMW). Where I live, if it's in the shop for 30+ days in the first year of ownership, the manufacturer is required to buy it back under the "lemon law" and provide a 100% refund.

I feel for you. That's got to be disappointing to have so many problems with your new car. Where was your car built?
Thanks for the concern!

I've read about the US lemon laws. I think its a real consumer benefit. This is in the UK. Our laws aren't that tight and the main option is to part/ex.

I've started looking into it, but its early days.

From what I can make our - its a German build... but its one of the early UK models. In fact, I suspect it was probably some kind of review model as its plate is so early.

It's a shame because so many people are really praising the G20 but for me its been a massive let down...

Still, fingers crossed it'll get sorted.
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