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Originally Posted by Jackrack View Post
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I still haven't got around to taking mine in. What I have noticed recently is there is no bass at low volume to mid volume. Above 70 % of the volume the bass suddenly kicks in. That one is easy to show. I made videos with graphic equalizer but my iPhone didn't back up for some reason so I lost the random cut out videos when I set up my new phone.

Has anyone made videos of the problem?
How did you demonstrate it?
Someone on here mentioned that it's easier to show (or hear) the issue if you re-watch the video using headphones as you can clearly hear the base drop out whereas if you listen via the phone itself or on a computer for instance you can't tell.

Someone did capture a video with said issues a few pages back.

I directed the person at Sytner in charge to this thread as well - worth mentioning to them.
Think I need to go to spec savers. Cannot seem to find the video. :
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