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Originally Posted by Beemer5to3 View Post
Don't think it affects every car, but clearly with this thread it's a well known issue amongst owners. Some have got a simple resolve (replacing Amplifiers) and others (myself included as the OP), are struggling to get any resolve at all. The dealer that was looking at it was really unhelpful, but it's going back to the supplying dealer on Tuesday to have it looked at further, and they seem a lot more willing to help.

Just be aware - if you're used to HK you'll get a shock with the standard system, it is terrible.
I currently have the standard system in my F36, and it's not that bad after some EQ tweaking. I've have had the HK system in an E46 and the Pro-Logic(?) system in my Z4 coupe, both of which were good, although did have rattly doorspeakers in the E46.

I'm a bit of a hi-fi buff and car-based system are always a compromise - road noise and listener position being far from ideal.

With my current lease ending soon, and some good prices appearing on G20's, I wondered if it was worth paying for the upgrade. Just trying to gauge if it's a widespread problem. If so, I'd avoid it and save some 's and still be happy with the standard set-up.
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