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Originally Posted by wassap View Post
I thought the standard system was rubbish. Just didn’t offer any aural pleasure with music, I couldn’t find any part of the sound range to be adequate. HK isn’t brilliant either but it significantly better than standard. I have decent home cinema biased setup at home, most of my music listening is done in the car.
100% agree with this. The HK isn't brilliant, but it's a massive step on from the standard system. I've spent a good hour tweaking the EQ to get the sound right, and that makes a huge difference, but it's by no means perfect. It's nowhere near as good as the HK was in my G30 for example, and I'd even say it was poor compared with my mate's E-class with Burmester sound.

Here's hoping I get a resolve with all the speaker crackling issues & bass dropping out when it's in the dealer for the 4th time next week.
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