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Well after another visit to the dealer, I was told eventually that they could identify the fault. The bad news is that it requires a new amplifier, but said amplifier isn't available yet and they can't tell me when I'll get one. That on top of various other issues I've had with the car means I'm now going down the rejection route. Shame really, as the G20 is a cracking car when all is working well. It's full of bugs though, and as a very loyal BM owner I have to say this will be my last in a while.
While BMW UK look at my case, I'm considering my options (and none of them have a blue and white roundel on the front).

Will keep everyone updated as to what happens.
That's not true, they can order it. It's 1100 quid for the dealer ( non refundable) and it takes 5 days from Germany.

Ring the parts department your self and find out availability.
Part number is 65 12 5 A38 AB8
Thanks for this.

Apparently it's a new part, as in a completely new amp they're using now because of faults with the old one, and it's not available in stock yet.
Yes, the part number I provided is the new replacement, that's been available since the start of December. People are having it installed and fixing this issues:

See this post :;postcount=12
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