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Originally Posted by G21-M340i View Post
I'm just back from a weekend down in deepest Devon. As always, the car was a joy, eating the miles. However, the satnav is driving me mad.

It's German efficiency seems to insist if I can save 0.2 of a mile by taking a farm track that isn't a road at all, lined with scratchy hedges and low rock walls designed purely to destroy my alloys, it will. The number of times I had to negotiate what was basically a walking path, slowly creeping around a 90 degree turn whilst a mad Devonian in a Transit barrels towards me at 60MPH was beyond ridiculous.

I cannot seem to find a setting that allows me to 'avoid roads that are not roads.' Instead, I just ignored it every time it tried to send me down a mountain bike track, when I am already on a clearly marked B road.

I used to live down there and don't remember it being this bad in previous BMWs. Am I missing a setting somwhere to make it behave sensibly?
I feel your pain, took me down this road (called a footpath where I'm from) at 10:30 at night right up near Snowdon!!
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