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Originally Posted by jhanksevo View Post
lmfao why did i even reply to this in the fiirst place i dont know. the talent of this era is way better than the talent of the 90s its not close. its called evolution my friend and in basketball it happens. jordan could not drop 50 a game in this league you are high ass hell and dumb as fuck. im pretty sure im not that toung in fact im probably older if not very close to your age unless you are old as hell and stuck in your close minded ways. I dont just play ball i watch it, study it, i love the game and the league has got better with time.
'87 Jordan who scored more than 3000 points, won DPOY, All Star Game MVP, led the league in Steals and DID NOT even win the League MVP---Magic did
right.....the players today are better

Who's gona check Jordan 1on1? who's gona stop him from straight up dunking on every soft 3pt shooting no defense centers of today?
have you forgotten the Monsters who met Jordan at the rim with elbows out?
Ewing, Oakley, Rodman, Mason, Kemp, Barkley, Parish, Big Mark Eaton, Chambers

Jordan WOULD score 50 a game in this soft area
15+ft attempts at least
his first step is nasty