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Originally Posted by JamesWWIII View Post
Point out one single place where I stated such a thing.

No, what I want is a head coach with enough character not to embrace a win-at-any-cost mentality, and whose twisted idea of “loyalty” is to keep a known wife abuser on his staff. How you make the leap from that expectation to “incorruptible” is something you’ll have to explain to us.
What you're not understanding is...Zach was not some random dude who apply via a job posting and was hired by Urban. Urban saw him as part of his family. He personally did family counseling with Zach and Courtney during the 2009 incident. Zach's grandfather gave Urban his first coaching job. And complicating it all, everyone is in the Ohio State family.

That's loyalty. Put yourself in Urban's shoes, and suppose Zach is your brother in law or someone you've known for literally 30+ years... what would YOU have done?

You're telling me unequivocally you would have fired him in 2009? 2015? If you're telling me you expected him to do it from YOUR perspective?

Glass houses man, you're just living in glass house if that's what you expected.
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