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In pure stock form, your 340 represents about 5 significant improvements to the car's suspension from its release in 2012. If you drove an early build 2013 335 like I did, you would see it for the POS it really was. Your 340 is another car entirely compared to the early build F30 335's. Trust me, I know....
The very reason I'd be hugely hesitant to order a new G20!!!

What evidence is there that BMW won't make exactly the same mistake again and produce a second rate car that will require revision after revision over the next 5 years before it's comes up to the mark???

I guess only extensive test drives will tell...
I agree. Extensive test drives will tell if BMW makes this mistake again. However, based on my experience driving the new x3 and 5 loaners, it appears that BMW is back to making cars for drivers and that they quit the German Lexus experiment. In this era of intense competition, lower residuals and higher money factors/finance rates, BMW cannot afford to mess up the G20.
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