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Originally Posted by Run Silent View Post
I saw this coming, and it is somewhat worrisome. He, in my opinion, is the only candidate that I think can really beat Trump. If he makes it through the primary, which honestly, I give as a 50/50, I believe he will have it locked and Trump will be a one term president.

Right now, Biden and Sanders are essentially tied at securing the nomination based on the polls and betting odds. I don't think enough Americans really care about the 'creepy uncle Joe' issues for it to matter (I mean, heck, look at Trump - sleazy as could be, but many voted for him anyway). If Biden doesn't cave to the me-too folks, and convinces many during the primary that he is 'the one' who can beat Trump, he will have it locked.

Interesting indeed.

Meh, I believe you are putting too much stock in the media and what you see and read via the internet and on television. I know you don't live in this country, but if you did and could see the average day to day folks - you would find that the vast majority are mostly in the center, leaning a bit left or a bit right. Most tend to have socially liberal views and fiscally conservative views and still believe in American exceptionalism.

If you put a moderate democrat and a moderate republican up against each other, the moderate democrat will probably win nearly every time. You start pushing them out to the edges more, though, and folks start swinging to the right. This is what happened during 2016.

Mark my words - if anyone but Biden and maybe Harris (maybe) win the nomination for the Democrat ticket, Trump will win. If Biden wins the primary, he will win. If Harris wins, it will be a toss up.
I tend to agree with you here. I for one fall into that socially more on the liberal side and fiscally more on the conservative side and have voted far more times Republican than I have Democrat over the years. This last time around I was really torn. Trump was by far not the ideal candidate and sure as heck didn't act like it, but I sure as hell don't like Clinton either. I chose what I thought was the lesser of two evils and voted for Trump. Looking back, I now feel that was a mistake. If it comes down to Trump / Biden it will be Biden for me. I sure as hell hope it isn't Sanders, otherwise Mickey Mouse will get one more vote.