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Originally Posted by pkancel View Post
Thanks for the info on the new M340. Keep us updated please.

I had an M4 and loved every second of owning it except for one thing. It was too raw and what I wanted after that and want today still is an M4/M3 without the rawness. Something that is right in the middle, has the power and look and of an M car but a little less harsh. It was love/hate with my dual clutch automatic. Extremely quick and responsive but day to day driving, not so much. Sometimes you just want to put in drive or Drive/Sport and enjoy the car knowing that when you are ready to nail the accelerator the car will come to life. The M4 always felt like it was itching for you to peg the gas so just not balanced enough. Sounds like the M340 may be exactly what I was hoping for. Thanks again
You just encapsulated my thinking about the main reason I steered away from the M4 when I was car shopping. It's definitely tempting with low mileage Pre owned m cars quite common in dealerships close to me but I said in another post that it was too much car for my needs anyway.

I need a daily driver but wanted something with a bit of aggression and I think it really does sit in the sweet spot.