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Originally Posted by Mr Friese View Post
The M340 is very nice for what it is, but it is nowhere near M car territory and like others have said, BMW has no intentions of it being so.

M cars are about more than just 0-60, it's about the driving experience and how the car just feels "special". It's hard to explain really, but the M340 just doesn't have that "it" factor, so I won't even attempt to compare it to any M car past or present.

And just to clarify, I have test driven the M340 and thought it was great and would definitely pick it over an S4 or C43. But I would never consider it over an F8x or even a lightly used E9x.
How do you feel "special" when you can see yourself coming and going on an average day??

An M car is nice, and has a strong pedigree, but let's be honest the special feel is the mystique we've created in our heads... there's a lot of other options available in today's market.

For my needs I've chosen it over an F8x, and I'm enjoying the hell out of it for DD. Especially when it's wet out (3 months of on/off rain in Ohio), and I can get the power down with DSC off!!

And yes, I've turned some heads for now since it's new(not that I care).
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