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Originally Posted by Egrunt View Post
We are looking for a new vehicle for the wife and even though we are looking at the X3M40i our salesman advised us to test drive the M340I. We purchased our 2018 M5 (F90) from him and we traded our 2015 M3 (F80) that purchased new in July of 2014. We have had our M5 since August of 2018.

The M340i is a high optioned vehicle with an MSRP of 66K. It has the Adaptive M suspension and the cooling and high performance tire package. Tires were the Michelin PS4. But at a MSRP of 66k that is alot of coin to spend. I know you can reduce the options but we like all the bells and whistles.

Even though we have been without the M3 (F80) since August of 2018. The M340i was fun to drive but was not as engaging when driven spirited. I still remember testing driving the F80 and almost immediately it put a smile on my face.

I respect everyone's opinion but adding a tune has it consequences. On the M5 (F90) forum a member had an engine issue that had a DME tune. He flashed it back to stock and BMW was able to tell the vehicle was tuned and the warranty for the engine was declined. The cost for the repair is $59k. I never tuned my M3 (F80) or will I tune the M5 (F90). I do not fault those that do but you roll the dice and hope nothing happens.

While looks are not part of the performance equation I would go with a 2017 or 2018 used M3 (F80) over the M340i. This reminds me when we test drove a 2014 335i M Sport and it just did not excite us. Again what works for us may not work for others. We eventually went with a 2014 Corvette Z51 but quickly transitioned to the M3 (F80).

My wife's current vehicle is a 2012 GTI Autobahn with the DSG transmission. Prior to the GTI she had a 2002 BMW 525i (E39) with the Premium, sport package, and manual transmission. The 525i was purchased new and when we were looking at vehicles in 2011 she and I both felt the 535i M Sport was not as engaging to drive and became larger. As a note she feels our M5 is too big.

As you can see we made the transition from 2 door coupes to 4 door performance vehicles. Funny thing is I was going to get a new 911 S / GTS when transitioning from the M3 (F80) but after one test drive in the M5 it somehow made its way home with us. I do miss the 2012 Corvette Z06/Z07 such a raw performance vehicle.
Egrunt it sounds like your wife needs an M2 comp...