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I have no problem driving my RWD M4 year round including in the snow. In fact, I've had 3 RWD BMWs since 2010, all daily drivers year round seeing snow every winter.
What sort of snow events do you commonly not see in the winter though? "Driving in the snow" can mean different things to different people, depending on where you live.

In the northern states (U.S.) it's nice to have at least one awd vehicle to get around during the winter with less drama.
I plan to drive my M3 in the winter however not in the snow.

I just got back from a beautiful 85 dry ride. And I one hundred percent made the right decision getting the M, for me. Tomorrow I'll drive my daily to work...

AWD plus DCT would be compelling, but we shall see what it means with a ZF in the G80. Probably will be great. But I wonder at that point, will there be that much reason to get the G80? We shall see