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Meh ... put them on a track an see which handles better ... that'd be the Merc... The C43 is an AMG product (car setup to be a sport car) minus few thing... the M340 is just a 3 series with a bigger engine, not much else and ultimately it's not setup as a sport car... It's still very good and capable of course but the feel is so different.
Wrong on all accounts, the 340 is faster and handles better than the C43 and taking them to the track will be even worse for the C43. Just so you know the C43 is not a real AMG either in the same way the M340i is not a real M3. However, both are direct competitors and one happens to sound better, looks is subjective so we won't get into that. The fact is the 3 series wins in performance. lol at C43 set up to be a sport car, who knew ....joke of the day.
I would think that the C43 could do well on a track. Its a very good car with good power and handling. But lets think about this for a second,... of the general M340/C43 population, how many people will realistically tracking their car often. I would think if you are tracking, you would just step up to a full fledged M3/4/C63. In the end these are more likely to be daily drivers, so arguing about which will perform best on a track will likely not matter to most.
The funny thing is the C43 handles better and is much stiffer like a proper sports car , not a Lexus. I've driven both and owned a C43.
Oh I agree, I test drove the C43 and came to the same conclusion that you did, the C43 is a different animal in comparison to the C300. I prefer the C43 over the M340i. My wife and I would've ended up with a C43 but we really wanted a manual, so we're gonna get an M2C when our Boxster lease is up.

I never envisioned myself as a Mercedes owner, as they always made good cars, but never really sports cars, I always saw them as "a car for when you retire." But these new "AMG Lite" cars are really well executed. I love my CLS more than my last 5 series which I really found to be disappointing in the driving experience (despite being fully loaded), even the M550 felt like a numb rocket, fast in a straight line, but in the corners, meh.

The more competition, the more it pushes BMW to hopefully better in the future.
That's what I'm hoping for as well ..... but they were on the right track and all of a sudden dropped the ball big time. A lot of crybabies here always arguing , true brand loyalists. I feel for them , I'm a BMW ///M guy all the way but I'll always speak the truth and these new cars are just not what a BMW is all about.

There was a time you could sit inside a E9X blindfolded and you could never mistake it for anything else , sit blindfolded in a M340 and you will confuse it for an Audi / Lexus. It's 100%, the only ones arguing are the ones who love that numb , without a soul driving feeling and exactly the problem with today's issue that BMW has.