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Times have changed, you are in the camp that harp on and on about how the cars were better in the past. Who knew, tell that to newcomers to the brand pal. I have owned E36's and E46's as is the case for many others here. We all know the brand has evolved and lost some of it's core values but that's just the way things are these days. What i find absurd is people who don't own or have any interest in owning an M340i yet harp on over and over how much of a disappointment it is.

What is your goal? You've already decided it's not hardcore enough for you which is fine. Just move on, you won't convince those of us who have purchased one that we have made a mistake. The redundant argument and points have been made several times throughout this forum. Even when the E46 debuted there were people who felt BMW lost its way; when the E90 M3 was announced with the V8, many made the same arguments. Ironically the guys who bought E90 M3's all now claim it was the best M3 ever. If you ask me, the best M3 was the E46 M3 CSL.
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