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So what is going on at the Board room over at Audi?

Go back to the launch of the B8 S4...Audi knocked it out of the park.

Put the reigning champ...the E90 335i...on its heels.

Merc really had nothing in this segment...nothing below the C63...that could really challenge the B8 S4 or the E90 335i.

But Audi really led the way in this 6 cylinder segment...both from a technical + performance perspective and branding ala cool "supercharged badges" on the front fenders.

Now they are third in a 3 car race.

its AMG C43 with its BITURBO badges against an "M" 340i....the marketing teams at both Mercedes and BMW taking pages from Audi's "S" marketing playbook.

So how did it go so wrong over at Audi? Playing it too safe with the B9.

That is why they did a mild "refresh" for 2019 and will do a major one for 2020.

But they really need to start all over from whole cloth.

The B9 looked like a slightly diluted and water downed B8...and the B9.5 is just "add ons" to try and jazz it up. But its all wrong.

Hopefully...with the B10 S4 we will have 3 cars that really makes us think where to put our money.