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Originally Posted by F30lolz View Post
They should have done a better job than Dusty Baker IMHO. Buck Showalter probably makes the Astros a +6 win team over Baker at least. Believe me, I wasn’t happy when the Yankees parted ways with Showalter after the 1995 season and was angry when Torre stepped in. But history proved me wrong.
I honestly wasn't too enthused when we signed him either but after listening to him talk more, I think I like him. He's just a no-bullshit kind of guy and obviously very old-school. Which is exactly what the Astros need right now I think. Someone to tell them just shut up and play baseball. Don't worry about anything else, just play.

We only signed him for a year though. Which has me thinking too after hearing Crane's "apology". Crane is clearly pissed about Manfred and the Astros being singled out. I wouldn't be surprised if:

1. We let Baker do his 1 year, thank him, and send him on his way
2. We re-sign Hinch after his 1 year suspension
3. We watch all of MLB meltdown in rage
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