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Originally Posted by projekt7 View Post
Picked up my M340i w/ adaptive suspension a couple days ago. Noticed the same extra motion going over speed bumps. After the wheels have gone over the speed bump, the suspension 1) compresses smoothly, 2) rebounds smoothly, and then 3) compresses jaggedly again before settling. The third motion is the issue here.

Initially I thought it was just underdamped, leading to the unwanted third motion, but it's not. The third motion feels too sudden - almost like the electronic dampers are overreacting near the end of the rebound stroke and trying to slow it down too abruptly.

I'm on software version 03.2020.30
My car (330i xdrive M-sport w/adaptive) doesn't do this. My last car (Lexus 3IS) which had the F-sport suspension (which was fixed and not active or adaptive), began doing this the moment I switched from Michelin Pilot 4 AS tires to Continental DWS (can't explain that one it just did).


- Does it do the exact same thing in comfort mode?
- Is this a taller/narrower speed bump like is found in parking lots, or a flatter/wider hump designed for slower residential streets?