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Originally Posted by kyrix1st View Post
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It's likely that Mercedes will eventually kill their DCT offerings as well. If their DCT is outshined by BMW's automatic, will the fact that they offer DCT really matters that much?!?!
The cold fact is that it just doesn't.

BMW had perfect transmission called M-DCT and if they are phasing out on the purest M variants just for cost cutting, there is no future for this company. At least not for M division.
People keep saying it's because of cost cutting, is it really? Source?

It might be because the ZF8 shift just as quick but is superior as a dual purpose transmission, which is what M cars are. It's more efficient, smoother when you're not hammering it, and when it counts just as quick.

And for what it's worth I think the M2/M3 should keep the DCT, it's a more dramatic/fun transmission and feels special. But the zf makes sense on more than just cost.