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I'm a child of the 80s so I've seen both sides of the argument. People claim the 80s and 90s were much more physical, they are right to an extent but the point is embellished. They certainly got technicals back then and plenty of fouls, they still had to be careful not to get fouled out. It wasn't the NFL as some people like to describe it.

The game was different back in the day. It was fought mostly in the paint. Guards were mostly assist men to the bigs (Stockton, Payton). Therefore the talent was mostly really big guys who could dominate inside.

Today's game is more of a run, gun, and shoot offense. It's a lot faster with outside shooting, it's a different mentality. Even some of the bigs in today's game can shoot threes with accuracy (Anthony Davis, Lebron etc...). Today's defense you have to cover more ground with guys being a threat on the perimeter, that opens up the game.

If Curry or Harden played back in the day they might struggle inside, but your not going to stop pure shooters no matter how much you pull and grab (yes they called fouls back then, lol). Likewise if Barkley and Ewing played today they would still dominate inside. However I question if they could keep up with today's pace, bigs no longer camp around the paint, they have to move out to the outside shooters.

My point being these are two different eras that are hard to compare, I think it comes down to what style you prefer personally.