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Originally Posted by andy5468 View Post
Is it worth me installing this latest 07 20 update? I have the option appear in my I drive over the last couple of days. I remember the effort and time taken to recode all my lost coding when I updated to the 11 19 only a few months back.

Unless I stand to gain a ton of new features, I really don't want to go through all the recoding again.
It depends if you want things like Android Auto, Apple Carplay, Cloud based Maps etc. BMW assistant has been updated, seems a lot slicker and more functionality.

WORD OF WARNING THOUGH, anyone with an Autowatch Ghost, don't do what I did and update away from home, it disabled certain buttons I used to disarm it and I couldn't get the bloody thing working. I had my card with me, couldn't successfully navigate the emergency code and had to ring up Autowatch and a technician talked me through it to access it and change the buttons I use. Thought I was there for the night!! All OK now but the buttons are still disabled for some reason, was fine on previous update.
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