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Originally Posted by DomiGijzen View Post
What are your favorite sunglasses? I have an oakley with polarized black glasses. Black Prism I think.
Really nice glasses and noticeable relaxing for the eyes. Especially on the water.
Still have it but due to the polarization I can't see the HUD with it.
So, in for new glasses and happy to see some inspiration and experiences with the HUD.
Because you mention polarized glasses.

Early in my track day classroom sessions, when I still had to attend them, I remember something that stuck with me.

Polarized sunglasses make it harder for you to notice fluids on track. Same applies for roads, but you would be going slower and in theory driving less at anger.

Just something to think about.

I say this, and roll around with polarized Oakleys as my go to driving sunglasses.
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