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Please BMW send more wagons and m variant models/ diesel models to the states. Wagon looks killer
Diesel's are dead !

Get ready for a 100% Electric 3er.
That couldn't be further from the truth, have you not heard about the new diesel emissions tech Bosch have developed, reducing emissions by 90%?:

And electric cars are horrendously bad for the environment, batteries requiring very scarce elements such as lithium and cobalt, the mining of both causes huge destruction of natural habitats, plus the recent news stories regarding the human rights abuses and child labor used to mine cobalt:

Not to mention there isn't enough of either within the planet for everyone who currently owns a fossil fuel vehicle to have a battery vehicle, and on top of that even the most developed western countries do not have anywhere near the power infrastructure to cope with everyone charging their car each night.

Electric cars are a complete and utter dead end technology!
It's funny discussing EV with ICE fanboys.
First off- these batteries you are mentioning are allready yesterday tech. Lithium are beeing replaced by silisium, halfens the charging time, solid state batteries are the future. I know there are alot of countries that are going backwards into the future, so you can either deal with what's coming, or you can develeop and met the future.
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