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Super dramatic.

Being realistic about my 340i only the steering leaves something to be desired. Objectively it handles very well with the adaptive suspension. That being said it's likely a lot better than the first couple years of the F30

And I drove a lovely e92 335i prior
Agree completely, the comments about poor F30 handling are typically from people who drive around town at 45mph and think the shitty steering feel = bad handling. I've had several E8x/E9x cars before the current F30 and the F30 blows every one of them out of the water in terms of cornering performance, balance, composure & damping over rough roads (with or even without the adaptive damping option) when the car is actually driven quickly or aggressively.

The E90 was a car that felt solid on the road and had nice steering feel at normal around-town speeds but when you actually pushed it hard, it fell apart quickly. It would understeer and its suspension couldn't absorb a damn thing without the rear jumping all over the place, the rear subframe mounting was too soft so the body would wiggle side to side on top of its suspension, the early generation runflat tires were just AWFUL, etc.

In pure stock form, my 340i is my favorite non-M BMW I've ever had and it isn't even a close contest.
In pure stock form, your 340 represents about 5 significant improvements to the car's suspension from its release in 2012. If you drove an early build 2013 335 like I did, you would see it for the POS it really was. Your 340 is another car entirely compared to the early build F30 335's. Trust me, I know....
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