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Congrats! I'm over in Issaquah so I'm sure I'll see you around. Interesting that BMW Northwest decided to deal as well. I guess I was too early or neither BMW Seattle or Northwest liked me. I even told BMW Northwest about my average 8% discount in Portland and they wouldn't try to match it, just let me go. Oh well! I'm happy with my car and my deal. Maybe I paved the way for you guys.
Congratulations NBAFAN!

Transfer, you definitely did pave the way and very few folks are buying sedans so the dealer's are seeing the writing on the wall. Also, 10% discount after all the incentives is pretty close to a typical order. We ended up getting over 13% after all the rebates and such.

Another question is if that car was on the lot or ordered. All of this stuff makes a difference.

PS: Who writes a check for the entire car? Big no, no IMO......especially in the PNW where we are 2 secs away from a major accident or a fender bender with our amazing drivers (my f10 had 800 miles on it when I got rear-ended by an Amazon genius who was too busy being on his phone)
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Attachment 2129283Hi! Were out in east King county & just purchased an M340I Xdrive from BMW Northwest down in Fife. We we're able to negotiate with rebates, 10% off sticker. No need to go to Portland! $67,420 Sticker and paid 61k and with tax, registration & wrote a check for $67,750. We work with one of the sales managers, Jimmy it's Services excellent Johnny on the spot and goes out quickly. My name is Will you can tell them I just bought a vehicle two weeks ago.
Beautiful car!
Thanks! Gap insurance is typically on a lease have it just in case. From feedback that I'm getting I might have been able to get another 2% off in another market. Something annoying is the speedometer is off by about 7%. My last bmw was maybe a mile off. But at 80 indicated actual speed is only 76 confirmed by GPS apps. I've got the 19's so theoretically indicated speed would be less than 18's. It's software related but bmw north America doesn't consider worth addressing. I
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