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Originally Posted by Alpine300zhp View Post
In pure stock form, your 340 represents about 5 significant improvements to the car's suspension from its release in 2012. If you drove an early build 2013 335 like I did, you would see it for the POS it really was. Your 340 is another car entirely compared to the early build F30 335's. Trust me, I know....
You're right, but my current car is not the only F30 we've had in the family. Not counting M cars since those are a different story, on the Exx side we had 2007 328i, 2011 135i, 2011 328i, 2013 335is and on the Fxx side we've had a 2012 328i, 2015 328i, and now two 2016 340is (my parents loved mine the few times I've let them borrow it so they just got one for themselves).

The improvements from 2012 to present are very noticeable (and were very welcome) but I still liked the way the early F30 drove when driven aggressively over the E90s.