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My 330i review

Had the F30 340i in for service at BMW Calabasas this week and got some first hand time with the car, a G20 330i. Really put the car through the paces and put together some comments and comparisons.

- Driving dynamics are very thought out, I would describe the handling as more of an evolution from the E90 than the F30. In regard to "overall feel" I would describe the handling as a refined evolution of the E90. The car feels poised and anchored, almost Benz-Like, smooth while still providing feedback, in going over bumps, cruising, combined with classic BMW sportiness you would expect. Excellent modern driving dynamics that illustrates BMW's capability.

- Steering feel is improved from the F30 by a significant margin. Again, more like E90. Presume should be even better on the M340i, as was the case in F30, but do not have that info. For people who really disliked F30 steering and miss the classics, the new platform will be welcome. That said, getting back into my F30 after, made me realize that platform really has its own nice character too.

- Lane departure feedback was very interesting and didn't mind it much, like an augmented reality experience, overall liked that as a plus to keeping drivers sharper and encouraging signaling especially here in LA. Basically, once it senses you are in a lane, if you begin to cross the line without signaling it will actively steer you back into your lane, unless you force the matter. Done very well. Doesn't seem to activate under certain speeds.

- Overall look of the car is nice even in this relatively base 330i trim. It is definitely a car that doesn't photograph particularly well, looking much better in person and as you are out driving. Much like previous generation, the trim matters a lot. A sharp M340i in M sport will turn heads, and the entry is just ok. This has been the case all the way back to E36 so nothing new here.

- Power delivery is great, more linear than my F30, quick car. Hard to compare as my current is the turbo I-6. Usually more anti-4cyl while the 6's are still available, but will say on the new platform it is less noticeable than ever before, where on the F30 I viewed it as a dealbreaker. I am sure the M340i kills it.

- Quieter and more solid feeling than any previous generation.

- Electronics and iDrive are all very polished and well put together, didn't think I would like the screen Tachometer, but in the end didn't really mind it at all, a non-factor. Definitely feels like they took some pages out of Tesla's playbook in the way the car technology is put together which is a positive.

Overall, my take away was that it is a refreshing direction that BMW is going. Definitely not enough to make me want to jump ship from my 340i, but reassuring direction that BMW is going. Likely, once I rack up some proper miles if and when the time comes, will opt for a facelift G20 M340i as they usually bolster and improve the car a lot at that time. I would presume the facelift of the car will be a home run as out the gate, the G20 is already doing more than ok, probably not something I would say about F30, or E90. Actually, the G20 is up there with maybe even the E46 on how well done it is at square one, I would say.
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