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Originally Posted by upsidedownfunnel View Post
I'm not sure how you came to that conclusion. They are young and they like sporty cars. Who doesn't when you're that age? I'm probably about 10 years older than they are and I still love sportier cars. The first thing I did to my F30 was install the M Perf suspension when I got it. They like the C43 because it's more exciting. To them, that's because of the exhaust note, sharper steering, and stiffer suspension tuning. Those were all design decisions made by BMW. BMW wanted to make their M340i closer to the 330i M Sport and really set apart the M3.

On the other hand, Mercedes wanted to make their C43 AMG closer to the C63 AMG. This is most obvious by the fact that they are using the exact same naming scheme. The C43 AMG IS meant to be an AMG car on a budget. The M340i is NOT meant to be an M3 on a budget. It's meant to be the BEST (sporty) normal G20 3 series. They're different philosophies and the reviewers touch on it at the end.

BMW surely could have made the car stiffer, louder, and more dynamic purely through tuning. But they didn't. The target audience for the M340i are the ones that want a more compliant ride but still be able to go fast in a straight line.

Just because THESE guys like the C43 AMG more doesn't mean it's better. They just prefer the sportier tuning. That and the manual option is the reason why I am not considering an M340i this generation and will just skip to the M3. For 90% of people who want a fast 3 series, though, the M340i is a GREAT car.
Everything you said would make sense IF Thomas (the car enthusiast) didn't pick the 330i M Sport at the end. Meaning that all those things you listed above (i.e., sharper exhaust note, sharper steering, and stiffer suspension tuning) had nothing to do with the actual winner of this test.

The C43 AMG was picked by James (the comedic relief).