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Number 2 is essentially the problem for me. While I do have one Alfa dealer nearby, its paired with Fiat, Jeep and Dodge, and the service center there isn't the best. I do have one Alfa dealer paired with Porsche and Maserati, but the problem with that one is that while it is much nicer and has better service, its about 1.5 hrs away, in a heavily trafficked area.
I think you may like the G70 3.3T because it does feel lighter on its feet than the M340 but the transmission is a hyundai unit and not as good as the ZF. The Genesis dealership experience is shabby at least where i live since you have to go to the local Hyundai dealership.
I plan on going back to a different Hyundai dealer sometime this week. I have three local dealers, one doesn't have any G70's, one has a small number of 2.0T's only, and one does have a larger stock of 3.3TT's so I'll have to go to that one.

Similar to Alfa, the problem with Genesis is dealer experience. In Canada, they have everything figured out. They bring the car to you to test drive, they have a whole delivery experience where they bring it on a truck with a nice big bow when you buy it, and for service, they bring you a loaner, and take your car to the service center. Sadly, the US doesn't have this. Despite this, I am still curious about how it handles, so I'll definitely need to drive one.
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