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Originally Posted by Mr.Marvelous View Post
I couldn't agree more!

There is a serious problem with the design of the new BMW's. They don't have any coherence between model lines anymore and it's driving me crazy. They're trying so much new stuff its all hit or miss. Most of them are a miss.

The G30 5 series was a conservatively beautiful evolutionary design. Then they decided to go nuts with the kidney grill on the new 7 series which looks great IMO. But it made the G30 and the new X3 look old! Why the heck would you undermine your existing cars?!?!

The new Z4 is a flop. It's looking OK but replace the BMW badge and you can sell it as any other brand you want. No respect for heritage at all.

The new 3 series also looks way off compared to both the 5 and the 7. Just why?

The new 1 series is a total disaster. They turned a cool sporty hatchback into a fat city commuter for women.

I switched to Audi last year and was regretting my decision. Audi's are nowhere near nice to drive as BMW's. But with the latest design fiasco I start to think that my A5 Sportback is looking way nicer than it's BMW counterparts.

And what's with the fugly new speedometer? It looks like it was taken out of a Peugeot or something... Jesus.

I'm really sad where BMW design is heading. They killed the angel eyes, they killed the classic kidney grill, they murdered the Hoffmeister kink... The 7 has super sharp lines whereas a 3 series looks like a fat blob.
Ehh emm.. Dare I say this as some form of defense; but, this whole design scattering came from consumers (Us if you may), who were complaining that they could not tell the models apart. Also Kinda the reason they also went with the even numbers/ coupes and odds/ sedan thingys in effort to further differentiate the line up of each series. At least you could say BMW listened to someone?