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Originally Posted by premier3is View Post
+1. Read this and thought to myself what a joke of a review. Extremely biased and totally subjective. Everything you mentioned on this post is exactly what I thought. They cant even do basic math lol.

Sounds like the writer of this article cannot afford himself a BMW... I mean who compares a Volvo to a BMW?
The review is generally positive. All it says is that it's not the MOST dynamic or the MOST luxurious. It says it's still a dynamic car, is a noticeable improvement over the F30, and the only thing about it is that it is not the leader in any one thing. That is almost objectively true. The G20 is beat out at least by Merc and Audi as far as interior goes. The Giulia is hands down a more sporty car. The G70 is by far a better value. The only thing that is a bit subjective is the interior, but very few people rate the BMW as having the better interior. Technology and interior quality is definitely better in the newer Audis. (And I hate Audis).

That still makes BMW one of the best complete packages, though. Sure Alfa is sportier, but who wants to drive that unreliable hunk of junk every day? Sure the Audi has a nice interior, but it's not fun to drive. The Mercedes is a good car but it has a different character from the BMW. The G70 is a great car but the BMW is better overall, you just have to pay more for it.

So why does everyone interpret this as a bad review? It's not. It's just indicative of how BMW is no longer the only sport sedan game in the industry. Others have caught up on the formula. As a consumer, that's a GOOD thing. That keeps BMW on its toes and keeps pricing competitive.