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Originally Posted by solstice View Post
My wife and I stopped by the local Porsche dealer again and then went to BMW as well. Turns out she likes the 8 series. I'm not a big fan myself ( too big for a 2 door and a bit soft looking) but It's worth to schedule a test drive for her before we go further with the P-car negotiations I guess. Anyone here who has driven the 8? Is it as soggy feeling as the 5 series ( except the M5 )?
I drove the M850i Coupe at the M Town Tour/Test Drive, and personally it was my least favorite vehicle of the bunch - I test drove the M340, M2C, Z4 M40i.

I think it suffers from an identity crisis in some ways. To me, it feels like it doesn't know if it wants to be a luxury car or a sports car, so it tries to do both and doesn't really succeed. Its very similar to the current G30, being that its heavily based on it.

The steering is numb but nicely weighted, the handling is a bit ponderous and overall the car feels heavy and large, and the belt-line isn't the best. In typical BMW fashion the powertrain is excellent, however Merc's V8's still sound better, but the engine is smooth and quick, although an 840i may be better as it reduces front end weight. Brakes are a bit touchy as they are brake by wire.

Luxury wise, materials are pretty decent (although you have to option full leather to get rid of the cheap plastics on the sides of the center console tunnel and door bins) and quality wise it feels nice and put together but the design is pretty boring compared to the competition or even the past 6-series and doesn't really look like its price, which is also very high for what it is, and rear seat space is non-existent, and no sunroof is offered, adding a dark and closed off feel to the cabin unless optioning for a lighter interior color.

It mostly feels like a coupe version of an M550 which is also a car I find unimpressive.

Personally, I'd look at the Porsche, while its price is higher, it will make up for it in resale/value, and will satisfy in both luxury and handling due to the lighter weight, engine placement, engaging transmission choices (PDK or Manual) and overall Porsche engineering excellence.
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