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Originally Posted by pbar View Post
Originally Posted by Sedan_Clan View Post
Big grill! It's a 99.999999% certainty.
True... the only question remaining is "Audi or Lexus?"

I personally don't care about big or small. But I really care about "wow" vs "fugly".

...oh, and it had better drive well with a gearbox that lets the driver make the decisions. (MT or "automated-manual", don't care so long as it's engaging)
Well lookin good for the manual at least ... huge glimmer of hope. I'm also with you that large grilles won't be a deal breaker as long as it looks good. I did buy a '19 Camaro SS 1LE despite the horrible looking front end because it drives so well. I just park nose-in more often now lol.

Few more days to see what they came up with! I doubt it will suck.
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