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Originally Posted by mir604 View Post
I did it going from a 2006 325i to a 2014 A4 (top of the line). My thoughts:

- Audi does not compare to BMW drive feeling, especially going from E90 to B8.5
- my 2014 A4 still did not have USB ports, shows you how behind Audi is/was
- mileage was not really different
- B&O audio was the only saviour
- cant experience Quattro too much in CA, I live in Vancouver Canada, same type of climate, therfore cant take advantage of AWD.

In summary, I wish I went to a 335i
Gotcha, I'm feeling slightly the same way. That said, to me (granted, I'm not a fast driver by any means), b8.5's handling didn't feel much worse than my e90s (it's is also possible that I was just not driving a road where these differences become noticeable). Not selling my e90 yet, will keep both side-by-side or maybe sell it and get a 335i.
My primary motivation is that b8.5 will have fewer miles and has a turbo, so more oomph. But yeah, always can sell it. Was yours burning any oil?
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