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Originally Posted by Maynard View Post
Other things I'd suggest avoiding would be the 'biggest loser' style competitions - these seem good on the surface, but often provoke the type of dieting that will end up rebounding (regaining the weight), and the PC issues noted above.

And as long as you don't dress like the prancercise woman I guess it's all good.
This!!! I bitched at the HR girl last year for how they were pushing the biggest loser contest. We ended up with a team that collectively lost a bunch of weight, even though there was chicanery with the initial weigh in. We had employees that didn't work out and did a low carb diet, they basically starved themselves for 3 months. Once the contest was over, they gloated, there were some jealous employees throwing shade over how much weight they lost; but with in two months after the contest was over, you could see physically that they were fatter then they were before the contest began.

I tried explaining the mentality behind this to HR and stating that they were only hurting the employees by pushing this as hard as they were. I refused to take part of the contest. I felt that if I was going to lose weight, I was going to do it right and do it for me rather than to win prizes. In my opinion, a person only needs to lose about 1 pound to 2 pounds (this is pushing it) a week. Anything beyond that, you are doing yourself harm. Losing weight due to making healthier food choices and incorporating some form of physical activity regularly is great. Pushing employees to drop a bunch of weight in an any means necessary fashion is counterproductive. At a rate of max 2 pounds a week (that's 7,000 calories a week deficiency or calories burned doing cardio - that's a lot!) each person should only expect to lose 25 pounds (MAX!) total during the contest. We had some people that lost 50-60. Those are the individuals who are bigger now than they were before.

I honestly hadn't thought about the prancercise lady. Perhaps I should give my Richard Simmons look a break and alternate between the two.

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