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Originally Posted by Rmtt View Post
Our plant did that as well as part of a "step" challenge. The Shipping and Receiving guys figured out that they could make it looked like they were walking if they mounted it on their forklifts.

They were turning in ridiculously high numbers each week....everyone knew they were up to something.

I guess I'm kind of the snob of our facility as I never take part in the challenges. Plus the other people at work said it wasn't fair because I stayed in shape.

Personally I don't really care aside from having the lower insurance rates!
There are always those guys. Our facility is full of them.

I've refused to participate in any of our incentives here aside from the annual health risk appraisals. I will say that I took great delight in the facial expression of the lady that reviewed my numbers from the previous year to this years results. She couldn't believe it and thought there was an error, until I showed her a picture of me from a year ago. It also made me smile when the lady, that took my blood sample got excited over how vascular my forearms are.