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Originally Posted by Now_Rudi View Post
There are always those guys. Our facility is full of them.

I've refused to participate in any of our incentives here aside from the annual health risk appraisals. I will say that I took great delight in the facial expression of the lady that reviewed my numbers from the previous year to this years results. She couldn't believe it and thought there was an error, until I showed her a picture of me from a year ago. It also made me smile when the lady, that took my blood sample got excited over how vascular my forearms are.
That's about where I am at now. I participate just enough to get my rates reduced. Our current nurse is used to seeing my weight swing 25+lbs in both directions depending on the time of she just asks me if I'm okay and says see you next time.

It's nice to be able to show such a dramatic change. I applaud you for putting in the work. Getting there is the hard part. Now you are at a place where you can play and experiment with your diet and exercise, and you can see the impact almost immediately. That's when it becomes fun.

On a side note, they now measure us with a handheld BF scanner. Years ago when we had a different plan...they used calipers and did like a 7 site "pinch".

I remember the exam falling right before I was going on vacation. The last test was for BF, and the nurse who was in her 50's told me to strip down to my shorts (we were instructed to wear shorts as they would be doing this)....and she turned away digging in her bag to get her calipers out.

When she turned back around...she kind of gasped and said.."Oh My".

I think that day I was easily in the 6% range. At the time, I was going at the gym pretty hard and could have probably walked onstage for a show with a little water manipulation.

The rest of my appointment was her asking me what she needed to do to lose weight, about diet, etc. I wanted to tell her that she was supposed to be the expert....and there to tell me how I was to improve my health.
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