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Originally Posted by Watching The World Burn View Post
I trust that you aren't operating in any supervisory role in this day and age are you?
Originally Posted by DETRoadster View Post
I have an employee who lost a significant amount of weight. She got all bent because someone made a very positive, non-sexual, comment to her that she "looked great." She took that as meaning that she "looks great" now as opposed to NOT looking great before. IOW, "you used to be fat and ugly" is how she interpreted a casual compliment. There's no winning these days; you're F-d no matter what you do.
Well - I'm winning in the sense that I don't get my panties in a wad worrying about someone else.

Not like fat molecules have hidden warlock potential, it can't disguise itself in some other way... If you're fat, you're fat, is what it is. Get up off your lazy ass, not saying anything wrong
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