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Originally Posted by Watching The World Burn View Post
Not so much you in particular as it was comments with respect to the rest of the employees all taking dumps...that do work on the floor.

And while I don't believe you specifically mentioned it, I'm going to surmise that at least one of them, but probably more than one, probably feels that they don't need to wash their hands after either. Because there always seems to be at least one of these persons at any given place.

I do realize that your comments are meant in jest, however; I'm not sure that I appreciate the cut of your jib sir. This thread is in regards to what other members employers, or former employers, offered as employee wellness incentives, not about people not washing their hands at work in a food manufacturing facility. We take these things very seriously here and it seems that you are eluding to slandering our good name based off assumptions that you have made yourself, not something that I have stated. Yes, people work here and people poop. No way around that. They aren't pooping in the production area. By this rationale should no one ever eat in restaurant again because people who poop work there?

For the record, there are multiple hand wash stations throughout our facility. All employees are required to wash their hands before they enter the production area. This is a non negotiable standard in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and also one that we are audited on regularly. After each break, including lunch, employees are lined up at hand washing stations before they enter the production area. I can assure you that there is no danger in fecal matter contaminating our product. If we were in the practice of demonstrating poor GMP's, our company would not have survived the last 200 years.

Please elaborate on what comments that I made, in respect to the rest of the employees at this facility, in regards to pooping at work that you feel justifies slandering our facility? Enlighten me. If you have nothing to share in regards to the topic of this thread, please take your assumptions somewhere else.

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