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Originally Posted by Watching The World Burn View Post
While I can't help but feel there is a little bit of a bitter undertone in both your replies, I truly hope I'm wrong and that you are indeed finding this hilarious. For I too am greatly enjoying myself.

And wouldn't it be nice if neither of us held any animosity to the other? I can assure you that's the case on my end, and it won't change despite your reply. I understand I'm repeating myself, but this is because neither of us really matter online. I believe there are some relationships that people have from this site, but for the majority of members, if you were to stop posting, you'd be quickly forgotten by everyone, except for those perhaps who have your email / cell. It doesn't matter whether you think you are well known here or not, you will be forgotten. The same applies in all work environments. Leave, and all the employees will quickly forget you. Move away from friends and they'll forget you. Family is about the only thing where hopefully you matter. And even that isn't a given sadly.

The initial post was made purely in jest, I do wonder if you were having a bad day / outside factors, as normally you would pass such stuff by if it wasn't funny, but this time you decided to attack which suggests to me you either feel much more protective about a company you were joking about leaving not long ago due to office space reconfigurations, or there were outside factors contributing to a bad day and you decided to let off a little steam in this direction.

Your response just piques the simple curiosity I have which causes me to try to analyze (wrongly at times and perhaps this was one of them) why people acted in a certain way in a given situation and whether there are other factors at play than those at the surface. But it doesn't trigger any animosity.

I'm not defending my statement, I cannot be more clear, it was made in jest, there is no defense.

You can always put me on your ignore list though if you'd prefer!
Initial response was in fact a bit bitter. Off day. Forgive my lack of whimsical personality that usually have. I hold no animosity toward you. I agree completely with everything you've stated concerning relationships. I've found this to be true the hard way. This is why I don't let things bother me too much these days. In the end most things are irrelevant.

We're good sir. I don't have anyone one here on ignore. Again, forgive my arrogance and dryness was an off day.