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Originally Posted by NorCalAthlete View Post
Interesting comparison re: luxury feel inside. Iím comparing an M440i (when it comes out) vs an X5 40i right now. Coming from several Dodges (along with a Chevy and a Subaru), to me BMW is a step up regardless. But to my untrained eye there didnít seem to be THAT much of a difference between the X5 and the 3 series.
To be fair, my X5 is fully loaded with the merino leather seats, luxury seating package, individual trim, sky lounge panoramic roof, acoustic glass, air suspension, glass controls etc. My m340 is also loaded, but after daily driving it during the week and then hopping into the X5 on the weekend when we go anywhere as a family, it's a night and day difference for me in terms of material quality and luxury. My X5 is quieter, smoother of a drive, and much more comfortable.

That's not to take away from the 3 series which I think is a very well made car and not cheap feeling in the slightest, but there's no denying it's more sports car than it is luxury.
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