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With respect to the first question, it depends on how good a skiier/boarder you are. If you're into challenging yourself with double black diamonds and the like, you need probably a good five days on mountain. It's a huge amount of terrain. On Whistler, you'll definitely want to the Bowls (Sun, Flute, Whistler, West, and Bagel). You'll want to end your day on a massive ski out starting at the Peak coming down through Franz to either Creekside or the Village. On Blackcomb, Seventh Heaven (including the Blackcomb Glacier) and all the stuff off the Crystal Chair are awesome. You'll probably want to spend slightly more time on Whistler than Blackcomb.

OTOH, if you are more of a single black diamond or blue boarder, flip that around and spend a little more time on Blackcomb.

One thing I would suggest is a down day and go do some showshoeing. Whistler has some great snowshoe trails and it's a nice break from lifts and skis/boards.