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I have no reason to lie but I'm not going out his name out here either, it's your choice to believe it or not (though I'm not saying it was like 20k or anything like that I honestly don't remember how much he got back but anything back from BMW would be )... wasn't quite the point I was trying to make but hey I'm definitely not expecting everyone to get it anyways
Why would a dealership pay anything to a lessee returning a car that doesn't even belong to the dealer? If you're not making it up then your friend is. The only time I get money back is if I return the car with considerably less miles than contracted for. And even then it's a credit to the account, not cash back
These cars are mass produced with planned obsolescence built in. There is nothing special about them to obsess over
I didn't realize you were the one that posted the self centered,asinine comment to begin with. I owe you nothing. Call it BS,call me liar but your words are meaningless especially coming from the type of person you are. If anyone respectable cares enough to ask me I'll explain how he got the equity , but for you , I care about what you say the same as you care about the next person....