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Originally Posted by Laki021 View Post
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You guys think that this guy personally oversees the design of every model, as if he'd design the interior, exterior and then drive and develop them on the Nurburgring.

He was a CEO. He speaks numbers and makes decisions according to them. His responsibility is to sell BMW cars while sticking to the ethos of the manufacturer if possible. But if stupid SUV-Coupes sell a lot, then guess what mates, that's what BMW is gonna focus on. The market hated Bangle's designs, so guess what, every BMW is boring now. And so on and so forth.

Also remember that BMW might be successful, but it doesnt have the massive means of the VW Group or Mercedes, both of which have the budget of a small country and yet it is expected to rival Audi, Mercedes and sometimes Porsche.
Why would BMW have lower budget than Mercedes?

They are pretty much the same size and sale similar number of vehicles.
Not really, sure they sell almost the same ammount cars....but Mercedes has a much bigger business than cars.

They build trucks, busses, corporate vehicels like vans, mini trucks and so on at very big numbers and therfore have much much more budget than BMW....just look at the F1 team, that says everything about Mercedes budget.