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it's not insecurity, it's just a mismatch comparo
Just because kia stole german sell-outs engineers and hudai paid for these dumb comparos doesn't make those 2 cars on the same list.

what's next? velociter vs 911? and kia will win 'cause it's 1/3 the price?

The only car company that could build up to MB/BMW/Audi/Porsche level is Lexus and maybe partially Infiniti.
But Toyota makes amazing cars not like kia/huidai with their "me-too" cars to compete and undercut Camry/Civic/Accord/Corolla by 1-2K
Toyota make the best "real" SUVs in the world, sorry break-everyday Land Rover, it's true. Toyota makes amazing luxury cars and SUVs and could be elevated to other luxury brands with their Lexus line.
kia/huidai is not gonna get there, ever, not with their stupid Bentley wanna be logos or cute Genesis names.

Again, the only person who will buy a Kia over BMW is a person who wants to save money and pretend like it's almost as good. Those are who these type of reviews are catering to.

Reminds me of a guy wearing Invicta arguing with Submariner owner. Oh your Sub is only 300m WR well my Invicta has 1000m water resistance...Who cares, you just chuckle and walk away.
You make it seem like the 3 series is some really nice car. It's an entry level luxury car (by American definitions). IMO, the F30 was pretty bad for the enthusiast. It has a relatively cheap interior compared to its direct competition, less power for its top end line (335/340 vs C43 vs S4), and didn't have the great handling/steering feel of previous BMWs. Its only saving grace, and the reason why I got my 335i was because of the manual transmission and to some extent the styling. IMO, the G70 is very comparable to the F30 generation but with better handling.

Comparing a G70 to a 3 series makes complete sense. Comparing a Hyundai Veloster to a 911 doesn't make any sense. You have a skewed sense of how good BMWs are if you think a 3 series is as good as or nicer than a 911. Because the G70 is surely nicer than a Veloster.
You have to check out the car and driver article to know why people are reacting this way. They did a side by side instrumented test, in which the g20 m340i performed significantly better in nearly every metric. The author then goes on to say that the m340i handled better, has engineering on a whole other level, and is an athletic feeling car to drive. Then at the end they recommend the g70 because it's "cheaper" and probably good enough for the average slob who doesn't know good engineering from his a$& anyway - or something to that effect. It's nonsense, and frankly, suggests that c&d has been receiving envelopes from kia.